Ebenezer Cornerstones at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota

The Ebenezer Difference

Serving seniors. It’s who we are and what we do. For more than 100 years, Ebenezer led the way in developing programs designed to support seniors in living their best lives. Over the years, these programs have become part of who we are and remain the cornerstones of our quality lifestyle promise. While There are many components to high quality programming and each deserving of more attention. Those we share here are the Life Long Learning, Dimensions Program for Dementia Care, Crafted Culinary, Spiritual Care, Wellness and Intergenerational Programming.

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Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning is the process of keeping your mind, body and spirit engaged — at any age — by actively pursuing knowledge and experience. Designed to help our residents learn and grow, Ebenezer’s Life Long Learning is a collection of coordinated arts and education programs that include: 

  • Creative engagement: opportunity to imagine and to grow
  • Individual expression: sharing ideas in a safe and supportive environment
  • Community: working together to learn and to create
  • Legacy: sharing and passing on the work created

Research has shown that with opportunities for self-expression and discovery, seniors experience vibrant living, artistic growth as well as improved mental and physical health. Life Long Learning helps individuals stay connected to their world — both locally and beyond and it is an essential part of the Ebenezer experience.

Residents making crafts at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota.
Resident talking with a caretaker at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota


Dimensions® a Dramatic Difference in Memory Care

Ebenezer’s exclusive Dimensions® program stresses the importance of understanding the needs of a person with dementia, and trains caregivers to respond to them with compassion and creativity. This program is designed to ensure that our memory care residents receive exceptional, compassionate care that meets them where they are. Using evidence-based practices including:

  • Wellness: Person-centered, relationship-based care with an emphasis on hydration and nutrition for all dementia patients to ensure their comfort and well being
  • Training: Delivering innovative, ongoing  hands-on education to our staff
  • Engagement: Fostering purposeful, pleasurable, creative interactions/activities
  • Environment: Creating calm, seeking psychosocial solutions/support
  • Education and Support: Providing education and support to families and care partners

Our Dimensions Coordinator oversees the multi-faceted program. Our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the life of your loved one.


Crafted Culinary

At the heart of our resident programming is our signature culinary service. We realize that meal time is the highlight of many of our resident’s day and we do our best to ensure that we meet their highest expectations. Ebenezer residents enjoy restaurant-style cuisine with a variety of choices—including traditional favorites as well as seasonal specialties. Under the direction of our culinary director, talented chefs create delicious and nutritious meals crafted from fresh (and when possible) locally-sourced ingredients, and high-quality meats and seafood. For those residents with specific dietary needs, our team can offer specialized meals which ensure individualized nutrition needs are met. Additionally, Ebenezer employs a corporate pastry chef to train our chefs and make sure our desserts and treats are something special.


Faith Foundations

Ebenezer offers spiritual health programs at many of our communities. Our spiritual health services are designed to meet residents needs for connection, meaning, harmony and inner peace during this season of life. These programs support residents, family members and staff in continuing spiritual growth and well-being. Spiritual health can have a positive effect on both health and longevity. Studies have shown that spiritual care can:

  • Slow the progression of cognitive impairments with aging - including the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Foster increased social participation
  • Lower stress and increase coping capabilities

Spiritual health chaplains are available at all of our participating sites during businesses hours.

Stained glass window at Aurora on France in a church session in Edina, Minnesota
Residents working on their health at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota.


Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is at the heart of our wellness program — starting with the coordination of personalized care throughout the continuum of integrated services. As a leader in the industry, Ebenezer’s reputation for top-notch care is due in part to the detailed processes and customized plans that we create for our residents. Each resident who moves into our housing with services receives a personalized plan of care that lists in detail what cares and support they need along with the time and frequencies of those needs. We also incorporate considerations of special preferences that person may have. As part of our dedication to keeping residents healthy, Ebenezer offers evidence-based exercise classes at most of our sites. 


Intergenerational Connections

As one of the most joyful and popular programs we offer, Ebenezer Intergenerational programs create opportunities for older adults to connect with children creating an unmistakable bond that transcends generations. Through intergenerational connections, people of all ages share their talents and resources, supporting each other in relationships that benefit both the individuals and the community. This program is designed to give seniors and children a sense of purpose, an opportunity to grow and learn, and build meaningful relationships between two generations. Our program directly meets our seniors’ needs to nurture, teach, and leave a legacy while sharing in unique experiences with the children. This program also helps children foster patience, skill development while they learn and share life experience.

Resident and a child in the garden near Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota
Resident working on a craft with a young child at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota
A resident and child spending time together at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota
Resident reading with a young child at an intergenerational activity at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota
Resident reading a book with a child at Aurora on France in Edina, Minnesota

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